Daddy’s Day!

A Lil too late in updating thus blog I guess. Been pretty much busy for several months and never really had the time to put aside time for my crafts. But when special occasions arise, I try my very best to create a personalized memento. The words BAK means Father, in the Malay language if you are wondering.

Hoping to post more soon. More posts = more crafts! Woohoo!


Orange, Purple and Black!

had some spare time today as i was on leave to start and try my very first challenge! 🙂

Cards from Class


Did a few classes with Yenni of Scrapcollector and proceeded to do one of my own. It’s great working together with like minded people!

Bye! – Farewell Card for Hubby’s Colleague

Farewell Card for Hubby's Colleague Second Card done after attending a lesson with a fellow enthusiast. 🙂